Ares Al Alawi Real Estate

Our Services

Property Brokering and Marketing

Ares Real Estate Services has a wealth of experienced property business professionals within the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are uniquely equipped to provide prospective buyers and sellers with a comprehensive range of professional property services.  We provide with wide range of services starting from brokerage, consultancy to marketing. We also serve both individual clients and project developers.

ARES is committed to be a full-service leading Real Estate agent providing both Brokerage and Marketing service focusing on the following:

  • Lands.
  • Private Villas.
  • Residential Compound.
  • Residential/Commercial Building.
  • Apartments.
  • Offices.

At Ares we are seeking to strike the ideal balance between digital and traditional media. Finding the right mix of online presence on website and social Instagram media
We believe using social media is a great way to grow our business as we are able to instantly connect with existing clients, potential clients and their real estate peers.

Property Valuation

Our expert values deliver specialist property advice drawn from a broad and deep knowledge base. Offering a professional property valuation and consulting service, providing qualified valuation services, which comply with industry standards.

Our range of services in this field includes the valuation of all kinds of properties:

  • All type of Lands.
  • Private Villa.
  • Compound Villa.
  • Residential/Commercial Building.
  • Industrial warehouse.
Property Consultant

Our knowledge in property markets and visibility study combined with a deep understanding of business goals, objectives, drivers and constraints enables us to provide sound strategic advice within a wider context.

Ridge can guide you through the most complex of deals help to unlock the full potential value within your portfolio, maximize return on your investment and to drive organizational change and growth.

Property Management

Our team will identify both the challenges and opportunities facing your portfolio and offer proactive advice and recommendations to enhance the investment yield. With you, we will set goals and objectives for portfolio performance appropriate to the specific issues and life cycle requirements of the properties within the portfolio and then we will closely monitor operations with a creative, disciplined and pragmatic approach.